Core Ovens

Conveyorized Oven For Powder Coating Ground Mounted Oven
Jay Ganesh Ecotech System is the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Core Ovens. Core ovens are basically use in foundry industries. we design proper core oven with moisture removal exhaust bower.
We have our own Manufacturing unit in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Core Ovens for foundry industry:

Core ovens are specialized ovens used in the foundry industry for the production of sand cores. Sand cores are used in the casting process to create cavities or voids inside a casting, which cannot be created using the regular moulding process. Core ovens are designed to cure or harden these sand cores, which are made of sand and binder materials, such as clay, resin, or oil.

The core oven is typically a chamber oven with a conveyor system that moves the sand cores through the oven. The oven is heated to a specific temperature and the sand cores are heated for a specified amount of time to cure or harden the binder material. Once the sand cores are cured, they are removed from the oven and can be used in the casting process.

Core ovens come in various sizes, depending on the size and volume of sand cores that need to be produced. They can be electric or gas-fired and can be designed with different types of heating systems, such as radiant or convective heating, to provide uniform heat distribution throughout the oven.
Core Ovens, Core Ovens for foundry industry

Core Ovens